Lanesboro Correctional Institution TACT – Session #1

We did TACT training at Lanesboro Correctional Institution in North Carolina in April, 2017.

How would you rate the training?




Very Good




Fair or Poor

How would you rate the instructor?




Very Good




Fair or Poor

What impact has/will this training have on you?

Better my listening skills and my interaction with staff.

Look at my dealing with life and inmates differently.

Self-awareness and areas I can improve.

Great impact on dealing with people and handle stresses, anger, communication, etc.

Restore community and trust.

Gave me a different perspective.

Better team player.


I will look at the correctional setting in a manner that will facilitate less violence.

It will definitely have a positive impact on me. I have appreciated learning these skills and bonding
with the group.

Not only equip me to be a better manager, but also a better person.

Show and give different aspect on dealing with subordinate staff, also will impact home life.

Hope it will help me be a better supervisor and listener to problems when they come up.

Increased appreciation and understanding of my co-workers and their roles and responsibilities.

Provided tools; such as communication to use not only at work, but in personal life.

Unknown, hopefully a positive impact on me, my co-workers and facility.

Open to more possibilities within the department.

Improved my awareness of my shortcomings in understanding communication.

It will impact me by being more open to change.

It has given me some tools to effectively handle co-workers, family and inmate relations effectively.

Additional Comments

We really had a great instructor.

Overall training was excellent.

This was awesome!!

Great program.

Great training and instructor. All staff needs to take this.

Great training – should be a part of orientation for a larger group of new employees [15 + people].

Open dialogue among the levels of the facility without position or rank improved the training value.

I appreciated the instructor’s enthusiasm and his willingness to engage his students.

Enjoyed the training. Learned much!!! Thanks

This should be taken every six months.

I wish it were seven days long.

This was great for our group. We were starting to divide and this truly made us realize we really do care for each other.

All of the training was great. No one went to sleep during the training. This is a first in 24 years.