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If you motivate staff, they will lead the way and it will bring out the best in them and the organization
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Does Your Organization Suffer
from a Negative Work Culture?

  • Lack of trust
  • Procedures not being followed
  • Lack of good communication
  • Staff conflict
  • Lack of respect
  • Morale
  • Grievances
  • Lack of cooperation
  • Favoritism
  • Unmotivated staff
  • Low productivity
  • Tense relationships among staff

Addressing these problem areas without addressing the underlying working culture is a short-term symptom relief approach.

It is unsustainable.

CRS is here to help you better understand your existing culture so you can take steps to improve it.

Teambuilding Attitude Conflict Transformation (TACT) Training

An energizing, empowering and enjoyable 3-day training that improves participants attitudes about themselves, their jobs and their co-workers, relations with other departments and the organization as a whole. Participants develop hope for positive change in the working culture and learn attitude and interpersonal skills that are personally transformational. They value the training and what they have learned and appreciate the organization giving them an opportunity to experience it. The greater the diversity of participants, the more the organization will benefit.

Effective Supervisor Training (EST)

Supervisors are often oriented to the tasks of supervision but not to being an effective supervisor. The leadership qualities of understanding self, the various styles of supervision, what motivates staff and how to motivate, engage and empower them as well as a special section on mediating conflicts on the job. Supervisors and staff have commented on how transformative the EST training is. It’s benefit will be enhanced when experienced after the TACT training.

Teambuilding Attitude De-escalation (TAD) Training

The focus of this training is de-escalating violent or potentially violent situations. Interpersonal skills and strategies are learned for understanding, preventing and de-escalating on-the-job conflicts. Understanding anger, its source and tools for defusing it in others are important for ensuring a safe work setting. Not only are valuable interpersonal communication skills taught, but also tools that draw on the wealth of experience of the participants themselves.

Anger Management Training (AMT)

This training has often been used for employees who have anger issues. It is a more concentrated training than the TACT training and best experienced after the TACT training. When staff carry a lot of anger, it turns into toxic resentment. This training gives participants the tools and experience to release this resentment, resulting in a transformation of attitude often significantly improving job performance.

Mediation Training

This training is a ground-up training, beginning with basic interpersonal communication skills, conflict management skills and leading up to mediation skills. There is ample practice at being a mediator. The training is a combination of the Immersive Experiential Training Methodology and the mediation training from the Center for Resolutions in Media, Pennsylvania. Participants will learn basic mediation skills and be able to mediate disputes on the job.

What Participants Say


All topics presented were right on point. Everything was relevant in professional and personal life. Flow of course presentation was energetic, engaging and fun. Recommend course and presenter return for periodic refresher.



Learned real life skills that are incredibly useful. Very interactive and provided great teambuilding exercises to bring the group together.



I feel a genuine sense of closeness and trust in my coworkers that I hadn’t before!



The best overall workshop I have attended. The exchange of ideas and information among the participants, the wonderful sense of rapport that evolved during the week and the feeling that together, we can solve difficult problems.



A lot of things that came out really inspired me to get more involved with my co-workers.


School Superintendent

One of the most stimulating and successful workshops during the 15-year history of our Summer Administrative Institute.

School Superintendent