Evaluations of Previous Trainings

North Carolina TACT Training Results

In 2017 and 2018, TACT trainings were provided at four North Carolina prisons: 51 trainings for 729 staff from all levels and departments. Evaluations for the trainings were 97% Excellent or Very Good and, for the instructor, 100% Excellent or Very Good.

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I learned to trust when I didn’t think I could.

Thank you for helping us change the culture here. It is the best investment of resources that we have ever made.

New Jersey DOC Training Academy Evaluation of TACT Training

When the New Jersey Department of Corrections training academy learned about the experience of the Philadelphia Prison System with TACT training, they requested to sit-in on one of the trainings.  They sent two of their staff trainers to one of the TACT trainings and in their evaluation of the training recommended TACT be incorporated in the training of all new NJ DOC recruits. 

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The most informative, enjoyable, attention keeping class I have attended.

Delaware DOC Inservice and Prison Industries Training

Evaluation results for two trainings held for the Delaware DOC – resoundingly positive.

Mr. Shuford was excellent. He made an excellent course into a phenomenal course by his style of teaching, setting the tone, setting the ground rules and expectations for participants. The instructional activities added another dimension.

NJ Training Academy Staff

I ask why? Why did this class take twenty-eight years to come into play with DOC?

Philadelphia Prison System (5 prisons with over 7,000 inmates)

From 1996-2002 – 70% of all staff experienced Teambuilding Attitude Conflict Transformation, Effective Supervisor Skills or Anger Management trainings with 97% evaluating the training as Excellent or Very Good and 82% reported continuing to use the skills learned with co-workers and 84% with family/friends 6-months after training.

Allowed me to look at my personal and professional self from a different perspective.

Life transforming. I will carry this training for the rest of my career.

Philadelphia Prison System TACT Training; Independent Research Study

I was asked to provide Teambuilding Attitude Conflict Transformation [TACT] training to the staff of the Philadelphia Prison System. I requested as much diversity as possible, so staff from all five prisons, at all levels from CO to Wardens and from all departments were assigned to each training. After providing weekly trainings for two years, I was asked to provide follow-up trainings on anger and later on effective supervisor skills.

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It really gave me a different outlook on life. This training needs to be part of basic training.

OSHA De-Escalation Training

In 2015 and 2016, Region 2 OSHA offices participated in Teambuilding and De-escalation Trainings, 156 employees at all levels. This article is a summary of the participants’ evaluations.

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I’ve shared more in the past 2 days with co-workers than I have in the past 16 years.

This type of training needs to be included in basic training and all annual refresher training.

Marion Correctional Institution (Ohio) TACT Training

Evaluation results from Teambuilding Attitude Conflict Transformation (TACT) Training at Marion Correctional Institution in Ohio.

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I am constantly amazed at the transformation our staff experiences during your training sessions. There is actually a paradigm shift from the rigidity and inflexibility ingrained in Corrections, to the understanding and acceptance of the value of community and teamwork.

Makes me a better supervisor. Put my staff first instead of last.

Massachusetts DOC TACT Training

Summary and evaluation results for trainings held for the Massachusetts DOC.

This class was one of the most enjoyable, most beneficial classes I have ever attended.