About Us

John A. Shuford is regarded as a national leader of the Immersion-Experiential© methodology of correctional staff development training and has extensive experience in leadership as CEO of healthcare facilities, professional associations and a major national volunteer organization.

His trainings have had notable results in improving work culture, morale, relationships and cooperation between departments and reducing documented use of force [in one prison system by 94%].

He has developed several specialized trainings:

  • Teambuilding Attitude Conflict Transformation Training©
  • Effective Supervisor Skills Leadership training,
  • Teambuilding Attitude and De-escalation Training

John is an internationally recognized trainer. He has been honored by the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel with their “2004 Award of Excellence” and their “2018 Award of Excellence.”

He has written numerous feature articles for national publications [ACA, AJA, IACTP] and was the first non-Russian to be published in their professional Prison Journal.

He has developed and delivered innovative staff development trainings for 25 years for many governmental agencies as well as Departments of Corrections in 7 states and two foreign countries [Russia and South Africa], the National Institute of Corrections and the Office of Safety and Health Administration.

He has presented at numerous national and international conferences and has led international conflict resolution delegations to Russia, South Africa and China, and provided trainings in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and in West and Southern Africa.

John currently contracts with correctional agencies to provide Teambuilding Attitude Conflict Transformation and Effective Supervisor Skills trainings, Train the Trainer Trainings and specialized topics of interest to an agency. Collaboration Resolution Services, Inc., desires to empower correctional agencies to transform/enhance their work culture to improve morale, relationships, cooperation, security and staff retention.

Training has been provided to these organizations:

  • Delaware Probation and Parole
  • Tennessee Probation and Parole
  • Philadelphia Prison System
  • North Caolina Department of Adult Prisons
  • New Jersey DOC Training Academy
  • Delaware DOC Training Academy
  • Massachusets DOC
  • Marion [Ohio} Correctional Institution
  • Succex {Delaware] Correctional Institution
  • Russia Prison System
  • South Africa Prison System

Types of trainings:

  • Teambuilding Attitude Conflict Transformation [TACT]; personal resilience skills training
  • Anger Management
  • Effective Supervisor Skills training
  • De-Escalation Training