Philadelphia Prison System Preservice TACT Training Evaluation [100% of comments]

How would you rate the training?




Very Good




Fair or Poor

How would you rate the instructor?




Very Good




Fair or Poor

What impact has/will this training have on you?

That if I apply what I have been given, I will handle myself real well inside the walls.

Give me more understanding of people/diversity. Also, how to think more before reacting.

Caring for the people in my class which I really got to know in three days.

Positive impact.

A strong impact.

To learn how to have patience.

Make me think before I act.

Hopefully, it will help my professional and family life to control my anger.

Tremendous. It will help me in my family, with my future job and with my class mates.

It will make me stop and think of my actions before doing them.

It opened my mind up a lot clearer to deal with people in everyday society.

Able to open up more and be more concerned about others’ feelings.

Bringing us as a group closer together.

Expressing myself to others.

I will try to use the lessons in everyday problems.

How to handle situations on the job and in my personal life as well.

It made me look at conflict or situations in a different manner. Also, how to approach them better.

Learn how not to let petty things or comments frustrate me.

Additional Comments

I don’t know where you got this man [the instructor] from, but he is awesome.

I think these three days were just what the doctor ordered. This class really got a chance to
become united.

I really enjoyed this training and it should be given at least once a year to see how you control yourself around others.

I enjoyed most of the training. I was surprised to see the class come together so well.

You were an excellent instructor with great people skills.

This course/instruction brought our class closer together within the last three days. The instructor displayed a careful and planned lesson and plenty of exercise.

I think these three days brought us together to learn about each other. Our class was about to self-destruct, and that would have been bad. It would have been a waste of time for the eight weeks.

The Best.

This should be taken every six months.

I wish it were seven days long.

We really had a great instructor.

This was great for our group. We were starting to divide and this truly made us realize we really do care for each other.

This class needs to be taught to all of the classes, it is a very benefiting class.

The training is very well needed and is necessary for future CO’s.

I enjoyed the class very much and think it made me a better person because I can apply this to my regular life and work.