Marion Correctional Institution [Ohio] TACT Training Evaluations [100% of comments]

How would you rate the training?




Very Good




Fair or Poor

How would you rate the instructor?




Very Good




Fair or Poor

What did you like the most?

The fact that I was learning with enjoyment and learning what I felt would not only help with my job, but with life. I learned a lot about my feelings and views and also others’ feelings and views.


The openness of the group.

Sharing in pairs.

Made me stop and look within myself.

The ‘ice breakers’ gave us opportunities to touch, listen, talk, know and like each other.

The openness that everyone shared – learned new ideas on how to deal with people.

How the class is set-up for all to participate.

Interactiveness. No one is left out in this training.

The fact that everyone got to participate.

Everything was so professionally presented that to decide what I liked most is very difficult, but I will say the group activities were very valuable to me.

The building of trust and team culture and sharing information about each other.

The overall support from each member sharing to help us all improve.

The entire program was strong. The exercise activities kept it lively.

Everything was so professionally presented that to decide what I liked most is very difficult, but I will say the group activities were very valuable to me.

I can use it for many different areas, especially with a church assessment committee I’ll be working on next month.

Activities, getting to know people better, learning specific skills, personal sharing and Light and Lively activities.

All of the concepts that made the group open-up and share personal feelings with each other and the energy that was felt thereafter.

The way that everyone in the class got involved.

I enjoyed the teambuilding to focus us as a group on the issues of resolving conflicts.

Good three days. Excellent instructor; he knows his business.

Instructors were excellent. Very active sessions. Participants were actively involved. I enjoyed every minute spent in these sessions.

What did you like the least?

Too little time.


Course should be 40 hours.

Loved it all!

Knowing this was a pilot and could possibly not see this training be shared with everyone.

The staff got to whine too much about conflict rather than just pointing it out.

Breaks – I did not want the class to end.

Nothing. Looking deep within myself was the most challenging and sometimes not as fun, but extremely necessary.

That it was only three days – we seem to be rushed to get everything done.

The uncomfortable chairs. The class was great.

All exercises were wonderful.

All topics that were discussed were very helpful in and out of an institutional setting.

Getting real personal on the circle of sharing. I’m not real comfortable sharing parts of my life in this type of work environment because of the trust factor.

What impact has/will this training have on you?

“Massive. I always thought I was a positive person, but now I feel I also could do more. Thank you. You have shown me how to make a change in my life for the positive.

Great impact!!! My wife told me so already. The institutions in the state need this training.

I feel empowered to do my job and share what I’ve learned with others.

Great impact. I shall strive to apply the skills acquired so far in my daily activities.

To be more caring, actively listen, use Transforming Power. Learn to ask what people need and want. Say Hello to all people I come in contact with. Not to be so pre-occupied. Slow down and stop hurrying – always put family 1st. Don’t be afraid of disappointing someone. Be comfortable with who you are, not so much what you are doing.

Excellent facility.

I plan to use the skills taught, and hopefully my staff will benefit from it. Hope they see a difference.

The training will allow me to listen more closely, also how to use the tools needed to problem solve. This course would definitely be an asset to the department.

This training has inspired my thinking at home and work in a very positive way from day one. My attitude and coping skills have very much improved.

It will make me a better listener and more open minded. It was a wonderful class and I was happy to be a part of it.

This has been a huge ‘light bulb’ experience for me and I can honestly write that my life has already changed. Keep up the fabulous work.

Learned a lot about how effective a team can be vs. an individual. The best training I’ve had. Looked forward to each day. This could have a major impact on our institution.

A great feeling as we are as one, that we are more alike that I thought. I thank you for the training and the chance to look within myself to help make a positive change.

I hope to use it in my every day life. I could have used it when my wife and I were deciding on where to vacation. We argued over it for a month before we decided. I hope this is something we can implement in our institution and it makes me proud to be a part of an organization where the Warden continues to make our institution a great establishment.

I will be able to listen and relate better to other staff and work better in a team atmosphere.

This training will give me the ability to better my life, family and co-worker’s life. Thank you for this education.

Better communication with and to my fellow employees and a better plan of action on how to respond to and work with my wife.

I have learned a lot in three short days. If I remember it all and use it, I will be able to have better working relationships with those I work with. I would like more in depth training in this area.

It has allowed me to be more relaxed and also more open-minded. I really enjoyed the three day training. It was not boring at all. It gave a relaxed atmosphere and the class came together as a family. This has been a great experience for myself and has had an impact on me as a person and as an employee.