Massachusetts DOC TACT Inservice Training Evaluations [100% of comments]

How would you rate the training?




Very Good




Fair or Poor

How would you rate the instructor?




Very Good




Fair or Poor

What impact has/will this training have on you?

I will use a great deal of the things learned here, at home, dealing with children and my wife as well. Listening gets more results than speaking.

Realistically change how I view co-workers.

Hopefully, I will be able to utilize some skills at home where it matters most.

Positive. Will make a conscious effort to improve self and others.

I will be more open to discussing problems at work. I feel greater trust for staff I work alongside.

I will take the info I learned and try to develop and improve the skills I’ve gained in work and home setting.

To be more open minded.

Better communicator.

A big one if I keep counting to 10.

Help me look deeper into situations.

Give me more confidence. Let me interact with staff on a different level. Let me have fun at work.

Assist me in being a better administrator, person and educator in conflict resolution/teambuilding.

I used a lot of what I learned the first day at home, within the first hour of being home.

It was an eye opener. I need to focus more on team.

It will make me a better person and officer the more I practice.

I am leaving as a better person. Thanks!

I will think problems out more before making decisions.

I’ve learned how to look at my own feelings to determine why things may bother me and how to fix them.

It will make an impact on how I approach certain situations in work/life.

The curiosity at work will allow me to get others into the circle.

It will have me look at all my co-workers that were here in a different light.

Will make me more aware of getting to know others and improve communication. Will significantly impact the running of the institution.

Make me try and act on my new skills anywhere.

Help me to interact with people in general more effectively.

To be a better person at home and work.

I think it will have a good benefit to me in resolving or better ways at resolving conflict at the work place and home especially.

Significant impact. I consider myself a good leader and a good communicator. I identified the need to work on some of my skills.

I have personally and professionally benefited from this course.

I feel I have a new outlook when I return. I feel more positive in a negative environment.

A great level of impact. So as not to falter, this should become annual training.

Definitely some impact. I am not sure how much, but I will try and use some of the skills that I learned.

To communicate more openly and to have more patience with people and in situations and to try to handle things in a less hostile manner.

The impact that this training will have on me is to be better at identifying will enhance my quality of life and reduce stress/anxiety.”

It will cause me to think more before I react.

I will make a sincere effort to use tools presented to aid in my daily interactions, which in turn may and most likely will enhance my quality of life and reduce stress/anxiety.

I will definitely take this training home and utilize it in both work and home life. I thought the whole course was excellent. Every portion of it could be used in everyday use of my job as well as everyday life.

Additional Comments

The training was FABULOUS. Thought provoking, fun, interactive and introspective. I advocate for this program for all staff as it truly was a great experience with some valuable lessons learned.

Thanks to John, he did a great job!

Thank you for your enthusiasm.

Great Time!

Great suggestion to keep group going.

Great Training! I will be exploring additional opportunities to use this intervention in other areas.

All staff should attend and especially supervisors and managers.

Include this training for all DOC staff at ALL LEVELS. Make it a weeklong and get deeper into all of the areas. Great course.

John was great ☺

Like the L&Ls. Really broke up the class room setting.

The whole training should be longer.

Some of the activities were a bit repetitive.

Class was evenly divided with time spent on each target. Structure was great.

I did have expectations that this training would be something different. I was pleasantly surprised and did not dislike any of it.

Excellent course all staff that would be willing to actively participate should receive this training.

Great training. Highly recommend it to others.

Great teaching style for John!

Great job, need more training like this.

Excellent job. Well worth the money spent by the DOC.

The course was excellent. There was never a dull moment. Today, too many people use PowerPoint, which becomes too formal. This class really breaks down barriers. It lets people relax.

Again, instructors made it as enjoyable as a class could be. Good job!

Overall a great course and by far the best DOC training I’ve had yet very stress free and not at all boring. Instructors were great! Keep up the good work!!

I would like to recommend this course to all DOC employees. It would be better if we all could understand each other to make us a more cohesive department. We can all work together toward one goal without nonsense fighting between each other. More extensive than 2.5 days training.

Great course – every DOC employee should have this exact class – at academy/N.E.O.

Great job. Thanks so much for all you do for all that attend these trainings.

The course was awesome. I learned so much and hope to take more courses like this.