Delaware DOC Prison Industries TACT Training [100% of comments]

How would you rate the training?




Very Good




Fair or Poor

How would you rate the instructor?




Very Good




Fair or Poor

What did you like the most?

I liked the whole class.

Brainstorming as a team.

Teambuilding and changes.

Openness, very professional, knowing the subject well, the exercises. Team building.

How the class opened-up as each day passed.

I liked the group problem solving exercise.

It was well organized with a good flow from topic to topic.

Open mindedness of everybody in the group, all were participating.

The opportunity to work together in a learning environment and share our thoughts and I’d say with the goal of a better work environment for all.

What did you like the least?

Walk about.

I enjoyed it all, but most teambuilding.

Getting into little groups.

Some individual didn’t open-up.

The fact that security staff and folks from higher level of authority were not included in the training.

I thought all of it was good.

Role-playing, shy.

Nothing, I enjoyed it all.

Interpersonal communication within others, and different chairs, at least make people feel more comfortable with surrounding.

The ‘I Feel’ exercise.


Personal stories.

What impact has/will this training have on you?


Will listen instead of acting out.

Try to be a better team player.

Will try to be a better person.

It has made me look at my job with new light and gave me the tools to work with.

Can use this immediately on the job. I am hoping for a positive outcome, statewide.

Understand other individuals and be more aware of others.

I feel I will be a better person as a manager now that I have learned these tools.

It has enabled me to be a more open minded individual.

Went home last night and tried it on the kids.

Brings you to realize your within and makes you communicate with your co-workers.

Additional Comments

A very enjoyable three days.

Overall, very good.

I am looking forward to bringing this on into the next session.

I did enjoy the whole agenda as a whole.

Exceptional class, and if the things taught are implemented, the world would be a better place.

Thanks John – your style/approach seems to have been well received by all.

Exceptional class, and if the things taught are implemented, the world would be a better place.

Good instructor, kept attention and made it more acceptable. Thanks.