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   Our trainings provide an opportunity for staff to learn and experience new interpersonal skills and attitudes, which allow them to change how they relate to each other. This change, which is natural and not forced, improves working relationships among staff, between supervisors and their employees, and between departments – the result is increased morale, productivity, cooperation and quality of service.
   For the employee, the benefits are increased pride in their work, in themselves and in their agency, which carries far beyond their workday.

Individualized/Collaboratively Developed

Integrated Design

Proven Effective

“Absolutely the best training class I’ve ever attended through the department.” 

“In the beginning you could feel the tension, but we all came together as a group.  It proved that working as a group, you can be more effective."

“I specially liked the realness of the training.”

“One of the most stimulating and successful workshops during the 15 year history of our  Administrative Institute.”
School Superintendent

“The renewed camaraderie among our staff was an unexpected benefit.”
Deputy Commissioner

“It turned an anger prone problem employee into the ‘Employee of the year.’”
Unit Manager

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